The link to download my form has expired. Can you send me a new link?

Unfortunately, we cannot send you a new link. For security purposes, we don't store your information in our system for longer than 7 days.

However, you can go back to the U.S. Vote Foundation website to generate the form again. 

Note: If you saved your data in a Voter Account when previously going through the process, you can log in to your Voter Account and reprint your form very quickly. Simply re-enter your ID and date of birth, and proceed to the end to download and print your form.

If you do not have a Voter Account and did not download the form, then you'll have to start the process over from the beginning. Take special care to click the "Download " button and consider whether you would like to create a Voter Account for easier access in the future--both options will be presented to you during the session. 

Keep in mind, you do not need a Voter Account to use any of the forms, information, or other tools available on our website.