My election official rejected the form I submitted with your Photo-Signature-Email system. What should I do?

We're sorry your election official rejected your form citing that they do not accept digital signatures. A digital signature is a specific term for a method of authenticating online documents. It's not an actual signature and no state allows voters to use a "digital signature" to sign voter documents.

This is a misunderstanding on the part of the election official, because the signature on your form is not a digital or machine-signed electronic signature.

U.S. Vote Foundation's Photo-Signature-Email system inserts your actual "wet" signature--originally produced by you on paper with a pen, then photographed and uploaded onto your ballot request form--and then emails it to your election office. This assists voters by eliminating the need to print the document, then sign, scan, upload and email it. It eliminates the printing and scanning steps, but the outcome is the same: your actual signature on an emailed ballot request form.

We understand that it is vital that your signature be accurate, as it will be used again in the ballot process to authenticate (prove) your identity. Your signature on this form must match the signature on your ballot envelope or oath in order for your ballot to be accepted and counted.

Here's what we suggest as next steps: 
  • Go to the original email that we sent your election office, which you also received, and you will see that the form is attached. 
  • Open that file, print it, sign it, and either scan and email it to your election office, or send it on paper by post. 
  • You can look up your election office address in our Election Official Directory.
Finally, please send a report to us through the Voter Help Desk. We will reach out to your election official to see if we can clear this up and pave the way for you and other voters to experience easier form submissions in the future.