How can I vote if I am hospitalized during an election?

If you have been unexpectedly hospitalized and cannot vote in person on election day or meet the deadline to request a regular absentee ballot in your state, you may still be able to vote from your hospital bed by emergency absentee ballot.

Requirements to qualify for an emergency ballot vary by state, though the most common reason states permit a voter to use this option is due to a medical emergency, such as unforeseen illness, confinement to a medical facility, disabilities or accidents resulting in injury.

Processes and deadlines for voting by emergency absentee ballot also vary by state, but the general process is this:

  1. Patient is hospitalized
  2. Patient completes an emergency absentee ballot application 
  3. The application is sent to the Board of Election by mail, fax, internet, or an authorized agent
  4. The Board of Elections sends a ballot to the patient
  5. The patient completes the ballot
  6. The voted ballot is returned to the Board of Elections

Note: To be eligible to vote by emergency absentee ballot, you must be a registered voter.

You can find out more about voting by emergency absentee ballot, as well as the eligibility requirements, processes and deadlines specific to your state, at Patient Voting.