How can I register from overseas for my state's primary election?

You do not need a separate registration to vote in your state's primary, but you do need to be registered to vote. In many states, you must indicate a party affiliation when you register in order to vote in the primary election. Note that, as an overseas voter, you should send in a new Voter Registration/Ballot Request form to your local election official every calendar year during which you would like to vote, as well as whenever you change your address. 

Never assume that your ballot will simply be sent to you without sending in a new Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form or having direct confirmation from your election official that you are on the voting rolls. Always confirm that you are on the list to receive an absentee overseas/military ballot for the upcoming election.

For more information on your state's voting system and registration deadlines, go to the State Voting Requirements page. Select your state, and on the following page select your election location and “Upcoming Election Dates & Deadlines” to see a list of important local election dates and deadlines. 

If you need to register to vote, please visit our Voter Registration Page