What if I'll only be overseas for part of the election year?

If you know you will be out of the country during an election, even if you are only overseas temporarily, you can vote as an overseas voter. You can apply using the Voter Registration/Ballot Request form on our website. Select the form for "Overseas Citizen Voters." Where the form asks for “current address,” use the address where you’ll be while abroad (this could be a hotel, vacation rental, friend’s house, office, etc).

Be sure to apply early as there are voter registration deadlines to take into account. However, one of the great features of voting from abroad is that you can ask to have your ballot delivered electronically. Once your form is complete, you will need to download, print, sign, and mail it to the Election Office address provided with your document and instructions. If you need to look up your election office, you can do so in our Election Official Directory.

Note: When you return to the U.S., you'll need to inform your local election official of your new voting status and address, to make sure your next ballot does NOT get sent overseas. To do this you should complete and file a US-based domestic voter registration form (as well as a new domestic ballot request form if you wish to vote by absentee ballot), and submit it to the local election official in the area where you are now living in the United States.