How should I return my completed overseas absentee ballot?

Every state will accept your voted ballot by post, and some will accept it by electronic means.

To check if your state accepts electronic ballot submissions, go to our State Voting Requirements page and select your state. On the following page select "Overseas & Military Voters" and "Voter Materials Transmission Options" to see the ways in which your state accepts ballots.

If your state does not accept electronic ballot submissions, there are two ways to return your ballot:

  1. Postal Mail. Mail your ballot as early as possible from the post office and make sure it is postmarked to show the mailing date was on or before Election Day. Be sure the address includes "USA."
  2. Carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

  1. Complete and mail your ballot as early as possible, being sure to affix the correct postage.
  2. Do NOT give your ballot to someone to take back to the US and drop into the local post. This is a sure way to have it rejected. Overseas ballots must have overseas postmarks on their envelopes! 
  3. Do not rely on the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to send your ballot back in a timely manner. They are not a mailing organization. (There may be some assistance through American Citizen Services, although it varies depending on which country you are in. Use this service only if necessary.)
  4. For Military Voters: Take advantage of the free Express Mail available from military post offices. This service is often referred to as "Label 11".