Where do I send my Overseas Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form?

All voting forms should be sent to your local election office in the U.S. state/county where you vote (this is called your voting jurisdiction).

For overseas voters, your voting jurisdiction is determined by the address of your last residence in the U.S. If you have never lived in the U.S. before, your voting jurisdiction will be determined by your parent’s/family’s last residence address in the U.S.

After you generate the Voter Registration/Ballot Request form from our website, you will need to download, print, and sign your form. The downloaded file will contain instructions and information, including the mailing address and email address of your local election jurisdiction. Please read this information carefully so you can send your form to the correct address!

Note: Mailing addresses and other contact information for your local election office can always be found in the Election Official Directory on our website. Enter your state and jurisdiction, and on the following page click the “Address Information” tab.