How do I change my address and vote after returning to the U.S.?

If you are a registered overseas voter and have returned to the United States prior to an election in which you wish to vote, you'll need to inform your local election official of your new voting status and address, to make sure your next ballot does NOT get sent overseas. To do this you should complete and file a US-based domestic voter registration form (as well as a new domestic ballot request form if you wish to vote by absentee ballot), and submit it to the local election official in the area where you are now living in the United States.

You can generate your state-specific voter registration and ballot request form and instructions on the US Vote website.

Also, if you've moved to a different address location in the U.S. from the one you lived in before you moved overseas, you'll need to inform the local election official from your previous state/jurisdiction that you will no longer be voting there. In this case, the election official to contact is the one in the voting jurisdiction of your last U.S. residence address. 

You can look up your local election official contact information in our Election Official Directory.