How can I vote if I'm planning to studying/live abroad?

If you will be studying abroad during an election, you can register to vote as an Overseas Citizen Voter on the U.S. Vote website prior to moving. To do so, go to Register to Vote/Absentee Ballot.

A few things to note as you complete your Overseas Vote Registration request:

  1. ONE single form will act to simultaneously register you to vote as an overseas voter and to request your absentee ballot.
  2. When inputting your address information, please use the last address where you maintained residence for the US address section. This should be a residence that you consider to be your home address, not a temporary location. For your ballot mail-to address, use your overseas address.
  3. You can choose to receive your blank ballot online – this will require you to print it and mail it back. It is faster to receive it this way.
  4. Your original signature on the form is important so please keep your signature consistent! It will be matched to the signature that you will later put on your ballot envelope when you return your actual ballot. Variations will result in ballot rejection.
  5. The form must be submitted by you. Our system does not send any documents on your behalf - only you can submit your own voting documents to your election office.
  6. If you do not get your ballot in time, you can file a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot here.