What is my address if I lived in a rural area?

If you last lived in a rural area and used only a rural route address, it is still possible to register and vote by absentee ballot from abroad.

  1. When you go through the online process to generate your Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form on our website, in the section entitled "Last U.S. Residence Address," check the box "Use Rural Route."
  2. Then, in the spaces provided, enter the rural route number, the box number, and additional descriptive information to identify the location of your previous residence/domicile.

Your local election official in the United States must have an exact address or a precise description of where you last resided in order to determine your voting district and send you the correct absentee ballot.

In the "Additional Information" field of the online process when completing your request form, you can add any further description or explanation.