What if someone approaches me offering to register me to vote?

Citizen organizations in your community may conduct voter registration drives. Depending on your situation, registering to vote through an organization such as this may be the easiest and most accessible way to register. For others, it may be easier through the online service provided on our Registration Page

Regardless of the method, we encourage you to check that your voter registration application has been processed well in advance of the election. You may be notified by your election official as to whether your registration application has been processed. If you are not, you can check the status of your registration either online or by contacting your local election official.

  • To check online, go to US Vote's “Am I Registered?service to confirm your registration status.
  • To contact your local election official, go to the Election Official Directory, choose your state and voting region, and click "submit." On the following page click on the tab labeled “Election Official Contact Details” for contact information.